Charitable Giving: Just Do It!

Americans always give back, even in hard times. Have a natural disaster happen in your front yard? You can bet that neighbors, friends and well wishing volunteers will show up at your door to help get you back on your feet! That’s just the way we are and I LOVE that about us.
With  1.75 million US. charities working hard to make a difference, it’s your choice  how you get involved and who to help out. Don’t procrastinate…  Just Do It!
Hire a professional if you have the assets to set up a donor advised fund or a charitable gift annuity? Want to get really creative? Design a charitable remainder trust. (see video below). Don’t have that kind of money?

Prefer a hands on experience? Serve dinner or wash dishes at a local shelterwork for the elderly. These sites will tell you where you can go to roll up your sleeves. You’ll have to go through registration process and some require a background check but that’s understandable. Don’t have that kind of time?

Surf over to It Matters To This One where you’ll find video, pictures and print descriptions of projects from IRS approved charities. You can search by project type, location, charity name or completion date and donate as little as a dollar or thousands directly to the project you like best. Registering is easy. To use the site enter your name and email (that’s nothing compared with the financial and background search required by the first two options) so they can forward your donation receipt and so each charity can keep you updated on the impact your donation is having.

It’s free for donors (charities pay $0.15 per donation), it’s the most secure, cost effective and the fastest way to get your hard earned money directly to a project of your choice. And you’ll find several ways for you to stay updated and involved with the project you select so you can see the good your donation is actually doing.

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