Dear Charity: Trust me with the details… Please!

With all the online donation platforms available today, donating to charity has never been easier. Just a few clicks and you too can help save the world! So what’s stopping you…?

Well, for most of us, the first concern is where does the money go after I click donate?  What impact does my donation have “on the ground”?  How much of my donation goes to the actual project, and how do I know which charities are actually accomplishing their goals?

Check for reviews… You can read reviews and comments of the watchdog groups.  Unfortunately, according to Jayne O’Donnell’s article, you probably shouldn’t trust them.  And at last count, less than one half of 1% of the over 1.75 million charities registered with the IRS had been reviewed by anyone. So, chances are the organization you’re donating to has not been reviewed yet.

Do it yourself?  You could learn how to read 990 tax forms. All public charities have to post three years 990 forms for public access. Most put them on their website. But honestly, you probably barely have time to balance your check book , where are you going to find the time to wade through three years of tax forms?

Do you even care how much it costs a charity to process your donation? They probably have looked into all of this, after all.  It’s none of your business right? Actually, if it’s your money, then it is your business!

Stories of deceptive phone and mail solicitation campaigns are well known and companies can take over half of your donation for “processing fees”. Many companies conceal online donation processing fees so that you don’t get confused during the donation process.  Let’s face it. Charity fundraising is a billion dollar industry regulated by each state’s attorney general’s office, the same attorneys general that prosecute violent crimes and monitor the courts system.   Sure, they have plenty of spare time to monitor 2 million charities.

How do you figure out which charities to donate to? The same way you figure out with people… Over time. Sure, your buddy told you it’s a worthy cause and it’s late or you’re tired or you probably won’t  take the deduction, or you have your own reasons for donating,  and you still just want to click a donate button and save the world… I get that.

Start a relationship with that charity over time. Keep your financial risks low and see how they treat you. Your Mother probably told you that “actions speak louder than words”. It’s true in personal and business relationships and it’s particularly true in the world of non-profits and fundraising.

To use an Oprah quote from Lori Deschene’s blog: tiny buddha;  “When [Charities] show you who they are, believe them.”  Let them prove themselves to you over time. Remember, they are taking money away from everything else in your life that demands your money.  So, let them prove themselves to you

If the charity’s request starts off over $10.00 then maybe they are not efficient enough to value your involvement. If your Alma mater sends you a request for $100.00 the same year you graduate, then maybe they don’t understand the challenges you face as you try to start your career. And by all means, if they can’t spell your name correctly or you have never heard of them before, it’s time to move on!

Move on to

Find a charity where your involvement makes a difference, where the change in your pocket can change a life, where your financial support and involvement will always matter and you are treated the same whether you donate one dollar or one thousand dollars. provides donors with direct links to the projects they like and the managers who are running them via video, text and message boards for each project. Donors receive regular updates so they can “see” exactly how and where their donation is making a difference over time. With im2to your charity pays the lowest processing fees available in the market today and your donation transfers instantaneously.

We are a young and growing company based on the belief the change in your pocket can change a life and we’re looking for worthy charities who feel the same way. If your favorite charity isn’t listed on im2to yet, encourage them to register today. Visit the worthy projects on today. Registration is easy so send a dollar and save the world. Any size donation will be accepted because with im2to… It Matters to This One!

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